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I go sailing

For the first time on The Wardrobe's Not Enough blog! Welcome a VIP guest! The real Powerpuff Girl! My main cheer-leader and motivator! The one who always looks cool, polished and on trend! My good old friend AChekrizheva!

Autumn in the yard

Grey duck

Autumn colours are both greyish & bright… The same applies to your autumn mood.
One day you think splashes of orange, yellow & lilac would best compliment the scenery; whilst the next day you choose a plain short suit… In which you look like a grey duck :)


I suppose it is about the right time to introduce a special category: "Stuff I Didn't Buy and Now Regret I Didn't"! Meet the first contestant: structured leather and suede python-look clutch bag by Supertrash. This bag has a contrast clasp on the front and a detachable shoulder strap. Noticed it online for 70 Eur (instead of original 200 Eur), but apparently was hesitating for too long...

New boots

Quick wardrobe update: got these Hilfigers by chance yesterday in a second-hand shop for 27 Lvl/ 40 Eur.
OK, mine are less shiny, yet still in a great condition (worn some 5 times).
A little bit off trend, but never really out of fashion. Considering the chilly countryside walk-season I believe it to be a real bargain!


Seriously, oriental cut turquise coat with bright poppies was the last thing I expected to find at Vaide!

"From War to Piece"

Some snapshots from an exibition "From War to Peace" by fashion historian Alexander Vassiliev devoted to the time between the 1940s and 1950s.

Milk & buttermilk

So it was that time of the year when all my stylish girls come together to attend yet another exibition by fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev. This time it was devoted to fashion between the 1940s and 1950s and was called "From War to Peace". But I promise I'll provide you with an overview from the exibition in a separate post. Meanwhile my OOTD:

Tasselled bikini

Sequin skirt

@kiseynaya's instants - 3

It has been a while since I last posted my Instagram stuff, but that's partialy because of my two-weeks' illness (and I didn't take much photos of my medicine, you know ;)  Anyway, below is the usual mix of my looks, landscapes, flowers, food and streetlife... Hope you enjoy and start following me!

Printed scarf

Linen dress

Family reunion

Polka dot spin

Candy-floss skirt

The Tall Ships Races 2013 in Riga

I was wearing: Cardigan - Reserved, appr. 13, EurJeans - Reserved, appr. 11, EurBag - Centro, appr. 15, EurShoes - Oasis, appr 35, EurNecklace - Seppala, appr. 5, EurEarrings & bracelets - no name, gifted Total cost of the outfit: appr. 79 euro



Beauty philisophie

During the lack of outfit posts (all the pictures are stuck in transition between the camera and laptop, muahaha!), let me share some of the philisophic thoughts currently occupying my mind... To the point: this particular photo of Kristina Bazan wouldn't leave me in peace since I first saw it a couple of days ago... Ok, let's put it straight that Kristina looks gorgeous here as she usually does. The story is not about her. She is just an example.
So now... just for a second try to imagine it is you in that pic! Wearing a crinkled pouchy dress and the sandals which in my humble opinion don't look nor elegant neither flattering (even though designed by legndary Choo)... How would you look? Well, I'll speak for myself: I would look like a mess!!!
So how the hell does she do it?! :) I am wondering whether it is all about a perfect make-up? or a skinny body? or a well done hair?..  that makes chic even a scruffy look? Why do we admire the Hollywood stars wearing their m…

ASOS order review

Major sales are ongoing globally and I know it is hard to keep calm...
Tempted by the impressive reductions on Asos site, I ordered a pile of this and that recently.
Here is an overview of what arrived in a big box the other day.
Hope this adds some value, just in case you were considering any of these pieces too! :)

1. ASOS A Novel Clutch Bag
 2. ASOS BLACK Leather & Canvas Tote
3. ASOS Blazer In Soft Floral Print With Colour Blocking
4. ASOS Bomber Jacket in Pastel Metallic
5. ASOS Midi Skirt in Multi Spot
6. ASOS Pencil Dress In Colour Block
 7. ASOS Premium Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses
8. ASOS SALON Playsuit In Floral Lace
9. ASOS Sleeveless Shirt With Brushstroke Placement Print
10. ASOS Vest With Asymmetric Placket In Geo Print
11. Jeepers Peepers Lily Cat Eye Sunglasses

Blue pencil

@kiseynaya's instants - 2

Hi there,

just in case you're not following me on Instagram yet (button on the right!) here's a selection of my recent snapshots!

- My looks and outfits:
- Some funny moments reportage: