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Pastel colourblock

Being literally obsessed with this fluid maxi skirt by Mina, I took the risk and ordered it in UK size 12... That's a size bigger, but there were no other options left. So I'll pray the elastic waist to keep it on ;) Hope that in reality it looks as good as on the pictures! ;)

Gold & turquoise

This is how I am welcoming warm weather - by purchasing some bright accessory! ;)
Gold+turquoise has always been a win/win combination. And though it usually resembles the heat of the gold sand and the breeze of blue sea, for now it looks good paired with a plain black dress.

Purchased it a while ago from Asos for some 15+ Eur and was very satisfied with it's quality. It looked axactly as pictured and I love that "extra bead" on the closure! And though  it has already darkened after few times, "Nali" brand has been given a credit for future purchases ;)

P.S. Sorry to recommend you something that has been sold out long ago...

Spring bloom mood

Whilst it is snowing outside, my dressing table is blooming and scents of cherries, peonies and other flowers! Featuring the latest goodies: Givenchy 'Bloom' perfume, L'Occitane travel kit and VS package ;)

Under skirt world

Always wondered why aren't hoisery garments labeled?!

Like how the hell are you supposed to distinguish your tights after first wash?!
It is a constant problem of mine: I conclude I like some particular pair and I wish to purchase more of those... How am I supposed to do that?!
Even storing the packages and then trying to guess the origin is useless if I have a dozen of thick black thights!

I believe that with a help of modern technologies putting a brand's name and a model code to the elastic is not a big deal... So what's the problem? :)

P.S. Have I mentioned that since I had stopped buying Pierre Cardin tights, I actually stopped buying new tights? ;)

Kurt Geiger yellow pumps

Dreaming of spring and tempted by the colour, I ordered these eye-catching heels from Asos. Somehow I though that Kurt Geiger is a solid brand, and the leather shoes originally priced 156 Eur, would be a good catch! Well, they were not...

Here they were in reality: having heels glued sloppy, showing some scuffs on the inner side and some spot marks on the outer side. Felt clumsy on - so will be sent back!

Oriental motive dress

Pity I wasn't fast enough to get my hands upon that colourful japanescue dress by Lipsy! Though I don't like the racer cut, these lovely herons won't leave me in peace! :)

Pictures from

Animal print dress

I was resisting the animal print trend for years... Not anymore! :) I decided that the "innocent" flaring design of this casual dress by Warehouse takes away all the sex appeal, which animal print is frequently being associated with. On top of that I really liked the delicate viscose fabric against the skin... So after a day of hesitating I "awarded" this dress the title of "first and only" "wild" piece in my closet! :)

"but I can't help falling in love..."

Aren't these "Comme il Faut" simply adorable?! Sometimes I am wondering what do I really like about dancing tango... Is it the music or the moves? Or my partner? Or may be it is the opportunity to wear some nice dress with high heels all year round?! ;) Anyway, I am sure that a pair of dancing shoes like these would inspire every fashionista to at least try tango. Isn't it a lovely excuse to spend €200 for some amazing stilettos?! ;) 

ASOS scalloped edge satchel

I ordered this suede trimmed leather satchel from ASOS tempted by the post on InTheirCloset.

Actually it looks very nice. Adds some kind of parisian charm to the look...
I did put the shoulder strap aside though, as it looked quite silly attached to the handle...

The bag is not big; just a bit larger than A5 format... So only the basics fit in! After I put in my wallet, glasses case, cosmetic pouch, organizer, mobile phone and keys - it is full. Well, the good thing here: I simply can't carry the heavy bag I am used to ;)

Not sure how long will this bag last. The quality of ASOS garments is doubtful as always: the plating of the closures has started coming off already... But considering the price of €52 for the genuine leather, it's a pretty exquisite accessory!

"InTheirCloset" Blog

"Looking for high end fashion on a budget? This fashion blog writes about how to get the designer look for a budget price" - In Their Closet

"In their closet" is an amazing blog! I believe they managed to cover almost every piece of clothes ever worn by some celebrity offering a budget alternative of that... All the links to the online shops are there - very handy!

The photos of the style icons are also posted - so you can browse their looks for inspiration or entertain yourself by comparing who wore some particular item best!

Remarkable side effect of browsing the "In their closet" blog: giving all the credit to the authors for their trends' monitoring and market research, I've realized I don't want to copy the it-things and looks... I rather go for something uncommon ;)

ASOS: order review

These are the dresses which were given a chance to land in my wardrobe ;) Numph printed silk dress (out of stock @ ASOS) €40.46 Minimum chain print tunic dress €51.24 Warehouse sequin fit&flare dress €34.39 So here's my judgment:
Numph pastel print dress - to be sent back. Despite the original price of  €72 it turned out to be a very cheap quality item, which actually arrived torn at the back.Minimum chain print tunic dress- to be sent back. The quality of the fabric was well worth the money, whereas the design was too plain and did not suit me.Warehouse sequin fit&flare dress- to be sent back. The sequins on the dress turned out to be flower-shaped and tended to cling to each other. The dress might look nice upon some darker skin, but is hardly "wearable" due to scratchy sequins.

Starting over

Latest update: my friend dolphinella has suggested a new name for the Dress Jungle blog, which (surprisingly!) was still available for obtaining an URL at Blogspot! So I took a chance and reserved it. Thus, in the nearest future, as soon as I've won the fight against all settings, I will move to "The wardrobe is not enough" blog!

The paradigm for this new name was of course the well-known Bond movie "The world is not enough". We decided it is quite suitable for my blog as it stands for both typical situations when your wardrobe (t.i. your closet) is not enough for your stuff and when your wardrobe (t.i. your clothes) is not enough for your needs ;)

On top of this, the "wardrobe is not enough" can also be interpreted as a fact that just a wardrobe (whichever meaning) is not enough for your life. Which resembles the vast variety of things I am interested in and which may appear as "off-topics" among the usual fashion stuff.