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Winter lace

Here Got this cream dress with a lace bodice and a shiny tulip skirt as a Christmas present and am thinking to wear it to the party on Saturday.
After all, white lace is not meant for summer only, is it?
If you disagree - take a look around at all the frozen nature patterns ;)

I am thinking to pair it with high black boots to minimize the "sweet ballerina" effect.
And I think I need some contrasting accessories too...

Light blue lace

Inspired by this "lightweight" spring look by Chiara I have paid some extra attention to this pale blue lace coat from Monton's new collection. It is so fresh and feminine! Simply adorable! Looks like pale blue is an obligatory colour for the upcoming spring!

Plum pants

Yesterday I finally got my hands on this top I had been watching since last autumn. I understand that even the reduced price of 20 lvl/ 30 eur was high for its questionable quality, but let's say I was blinded by its brightness ;)

I came to Monton on purpose to buy that top, but spontaneously bought the pants too.
These are high waist tousers; "tulip" style at the hips and slim calfs; with black atlas ribbon. The sophisticated colour of the fabric comes from the tiny black and plum purple checks.
The composition of fabric is 70% polyester with 25% viscose.
Great choice for "business casual"!

Sport flirting

I've been playing squash every now and then for 1,5 years and I thought I had thus earned some new outfit. So in December I bought myself a plain pink tennis skirt with a clear conscience. And guess what?! There was no twinge of conscience either, when only a month later I purchased another tennis skirt! Because it was this sexy ruffled skirt by Nike. I grabbed the last M size hanging among the dozen of L's and couldn't put it back... Pure Lolita-style seduction! ;) For just 23 Eur/16 Lvl it was too good to miss!

Floral dreams

... Because you have to be in trend even when you're sleeping ;)

Couldn't pass by this romantic night dress with bright roses made of pure cotton flannel.

Search for it in Lindex stores. Current price - around 9 Eur,/ 6 Lvl

Another "Hermès" bag

... By saying I've managed to spend my holiday without buying a single thing... well, I didn't mean I came home with the empty hands... But as my vacation destination was Morocco, and this little sin I am about to confess happened on my way back in Brussels, it doesn't particulary count, does it? ;)

Anyway, we were strolling along the streets of a nice residential part of Bussells, built at the the laste decade of 19th century, when we spotted a second-hand shop on the corner. We decided to come in and have some fun looking, especially cause it was a chilly outside ;)

So I ended up purchasing this aaamazing bag! I really don't care it is not Hermès; neither is it a genuine leather... To me it is a real gem! Classy vintage bag of a fine quality in eternal navy colour with gold details... Wanna hear the best part? 5,- Euro price! I would have paid much more!

Polka dot gloves

Now that was quick!
How long does it usualy take you to buy a new pair of gloves?
I was done in 3 minutes.

Purchased these retro chic leather gloves with flock polka dots (love them!)  from Accessorize for just 10,- Eur!

Veni, vidi, vici - 'I came, I saw, I conquered'/ Caesar :)

Oasis coat

Accidently came across this picture of me wearing my favourite lightweight coat by Oasis. When the spring comes I definetly have to devote a photosession to it and write down it's story.

Flowers & skulls

Ok, feels like I do want this bangle after all...Even despite the fact it is a bit clumsy on...
Somehow that combination of flowers, skulls and diamante (read: life, death and diamonds ;) is quite catching. Or is it beacause of the neon colours?!...
Well, never mind... Just grab yourself one at Zara; sale price 3,95 Lvl ;)

Marimekko cocktail

Here is a retrospective sneak peak at the Marimekko exibition, which I visited in Riga just before Christmas:

Although the exibition wasn't large (you could see it in half an hour) and the world of Marimekko wasn't new to me (guys, I was living in Finland for a year ;) I am still impressed by these crazy patterns! The colour cocktail is very bright and juicy and the 50-60s' lines are so "wearable"! :)

Currently this exibition is "visiting" Tallinn.

Bik Bok

Whilst searching for a Y2013 organizer yesterday, I dropped in a few shops I usually don't go to; Bik Bok amongst those.

I still percieve Bik Bok as a "fashion dream destination" for teenage girls, as it was one of the first mass-market clothes' brands coming to Latvia at the end of the 90's. At the time I was around 15, Bik Bok labeled piece was something veeery cool.

I remember coming to Bik Bok with my classmates and dreaming we could have all these clothes; and the grey beaded top at the price of appr. 45,- Eur I dared to ask my parents about, but never got; and the parrot-embroidered top the stylish chick from another class wore; and the brown velvet pants I got from my parents for Christmas; and each single piece I purchased from Bik Bok after my first working summer...

Scanned picture of me wearing BikBok top & trousers in 2002 :D
So yesterday I got the same impression: inexpensive "glam rock" clothes for younger girls...

However I did spot one se…


Hi there! After more than a month's break I am back to my blog and hoping that in 2013 we'll become even more close ;)

I spent this New Year's Eve in the most unusual way: with Berber peopler in Sahara desert, African starry sky above me and the Latvian Christmas tree by my side :) So I really hope the rest of this year would be as exciting as its beginning was!

During my 3 weeks trip, which was quite Sparta-style in terms of conditions, there was basicaly no room for fashion, as the clothes I wore were entirely about functionality (although I was quite selective picking up my rafting outfit ;)

And due to the fact I am not quite attracted by ethnic garments and jewellery, I suceeded not to buy a single thing* during the whole journey. After my comeback I spent 10 days on a sick leave, staying home without even internet connection... So now I am finally "operational" again and can't wait to head to the shopping mall in the evening!

*terms and conditions apply ;)