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Collectible clutches

Clutch bag in a form of perfume bottle? Or in a shape of road trip license plate? Or the one with embroidered Dracula? Have a look at the selection of this season's cutest cluthes by Who What Wear! ;)

Ted Baker S/S 2013

I'll show you no more! :)
Go and explore the Ted Baker's Spring/Summer lookbook HERE! Feminine, flattering and wearable! I love every single piece of it! Shop online: ASOS or Selfridges or Ted Baker

Paris Hilton at amfAR

It is time for confession: I like her dress!!! Uf! It is not that easy to say you like something as widely criticized as Paris' choice of clothes (I usually dislike it too)... But I'd gladly wore this particular masterpiece by an unknown creator! I mean... giving it more grace with an up-do and omitting the bling-bling diamonds... mmm? :)

Yellow skirt

I can't think of a better way to make the black outfit bright and effective than adding a yellow garment!
I purchased this 6o's yellow mini skirt from Zara in Stockholm 2 years ago for some 15 Eur and I still like it and use it as "emergency piece" :)


Roses on the wrist

I didn't even think I might need a new watch until I saw some unusual design piece on my colleague's wrist!After expressing my delight, I was even more surprised to find out it was a vintage watch by a USSR brand "Chaika". I rushed to eBay to see what else they had produced, and immediately fell for this enameled bracelet with a locket! Perfect to comply with the season's flowers' trend! ;)

"Is that your grandmas coat?"

I dropped in to see my friend AChekrizheva last week for a small chat, and as I was wearing this colourfull outfit we did a quick photoshoot right at her place!
The main piece of this outfit (which I created in 2 minutes rushing to work) was for sure the orange jacket I inherited from my grandma! I am not a big fan of a vintage clothing, but when it comes from my own grannie and looks so cool - then why not?! And it is "made in Finland" (quite unique feature nowadays, huh?)

Love is.

It was really funny to find this photo onCara Delevingne's Facebook page. A picture of "Love is." sweatshirt by Reserved I purchased a month ago and wore for my vacation trip :)

Fashionable education

Luckily Birthday doesn't come with aging only! It comes with presents too!!! :) Among all the other nice girly stuff I got, there was this very special gift: TASCHEN FASHION ENCYCLOPEDIA It is a lookback at the history of fashion during the past century full of pictures! Honestly, I can't wait for some heavy rain Sunday, when you don't have to search excuses to deepdive into a book like that... Thank you, my dear fairy! :)

Sausage dog to hold your rings

I am crazy about sausage dogs since I have the cuttiest one living at my parents'! :)
So I didn't think twice when I saw this funny ring organiser at Asos!

Botanical garden

  I am so into flowers that this year I even organized my BD party in the botanical garden! :) I was wearing  all the old stuff, but just for the record: Mina pleated tricolor maxi skirt (appr. € 45) Lindex leather-look jacket (appr. € 20) Vero Moda top (appr. € 10) Asos quilted bag (appr. € 20) Lindex studded bracelet (appr. € 5) Accessorize rose earrings and ring (appr. € 13) Vogue sunglasses (appr. € 100) Oasis quilted balerinas (appr. €33) Pictures by

Back home

Hello there! I am back from my Georgian vacation! :) It was an interesting trip and some day I might tell you more about it, but meanwhile just few photos. I've brought home hundreds of pictures, but these are mainly landscapes and flowers :)