17 September 2013


Seriously, oriental cut turquise coat with bright poppies was the last thing I expected to find at Vaide!

A while ago my mom mentioned that she saw a couple of nice leather bags at affordable price at Vaide store. Vaide is the latvian brand, with manufactures in Riga and Jelgava and the history of more than 20 years. I am familiar with the brand since early childhood, but mostly beacuse of their sleepwear. Lately I noticed that their stores offer a daywear garments too, but they all seemed too old-ladyish to me...
Last Sunday however I was just killing some time and decided to go and check out the bags my mom was talking about. But I totally forgot the bags, as soon as this stunning coat caught my eye! :)
It turned out to be a piece from Vaide's special range Moniq; born from a collaboration with Italian designers. The collection is really bright and vivid and stylish... and expensive :(
The full price of this particular coat was almost 300 Eur!
At the moment it is reduced to 170 Eur, but even so stays out of my price range... unfortunately...
If I had that money, I would buy it in no time!
As I would have done also with this fake fur jacket from the new collection! ;)


  1. Вот мне абсолютно не ясно как наши бренды цены образуют... А ты была в магазинах Ноло?

    1. Не-а, я даже не в курсах, что это где это?


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