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Family reunion

Last week my little brother was in town!
I hadn't seen him for a year, and I was glad to move to my parents' house for a while to spend some time with the reunited family.
Although we didn't have much of activities and spent most of the time just hanging around the house, it was very nice to be so close again!

On our last evening together we headed to a concert, paying a visit to our godmother on the way, so I chose a classy flattering outfit for the occasion.
It consisted of a paneled bodycon dress in navy&white, a cream-white trench coat, suede navy stilettos and pearls.
It is a pity I can't show you the close-up, as all the members of my family turned out to be poor photographers (as ridiculous as it sounds) :)

 The dress was a random bargain on eBay, while the mac was a lucky shot at Jovonna London sample sale.
My mom has reworked it's hemline a bit, as originally the lace was hidden underneath, but she suggested it would look better sewn on top (this time she definetely was right!).
 The only annoying thing about this summer coat: 100% cotton fabrics have no respect for that half an hour you spend  ironing and turn into a creased piece in no time! :)

I was wearing:
  • Dress - Asos/eBay, appr. 10 Eur
  • Coat - Jovonna London, appr. 30 Eur
  • Shoes - Barbara Bucci, appr. 50 Eur
  • Accessories - no name, gifted
Total cost of the outfit: appr. 90 Euro



  1. Absolutely love the navy and cream dress. Looks amazing on you! Reunions are always such a beautiful time..

    Visit me @

    1. Thank you! The main thing is that my mom liked how I looked ;)
      I will visit you shortly!

  2. lovely dress black and white
    I'm following u via GFC, hope u can follow back. THX XOXO

    Moda della donna


    1. Thank you Sonia!
      Following you on Bloglovin! ;)


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