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Finally! I was wanting to photoshoot this dress since May probably!
And as soon as I had these studded shoes delivered I knew I would wear them along!
But it wasn't until last Tuesday when we finally had a chance to take this outfit out.

Much more pictures and text as follows!

I hang these pale rose statement earrings for some Italian-drama effect.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw this unusual silk creation @Asos, so I ordered it straight away for the price of about 45 pounds (it was 3 years ago, so I don't remember precisely). Later the same evening, still impressed by the exquisite design, I went for an investigation about the brand, which is Jovonna London. My heart definetely skipped a beat for the second time then, when I saw the exact dress on Jovonna's site offered for 20 pounds only. Even with 8 pounds on top for shipping, it was still cheaper, so I ordered it from Jovonna London too and later sent the Asos one back, hehe :)

Althought this white dress has a classy black trim, I would say it comprises some Moschino-like playful vibe.
Not sure what's the source of inspiration behind this cut, but it is really flirty!
Volants create an extra volume at the hips&shoulders, but at the same time the bold black lines sculpt the hourglass silhouette emphasizing the waist.
Such a nice bonus for the square-bodied like me! ;)
Though having a strong character of it's own, this dress remains a timeless and versatile piece.
In fact there are several ways in which I imagine this can be styled:
- total classy white&black Chanel'ish look with ballerinas and pearls
- an edgy take with the help of studded rocking heels and leather jacket
- as a background for neon accessories (opt for a white coat on top)
The story of these shoes deserves a separate paragraph.
It was one peculiar May day, which started with the wrong breakfast and continued in the wrong way.
The thing is, I love to have Kellog's for breakfast during the summertime. But as I prefer my corn flakes crunchy - I always pour the milk in the bowl first... That morning however I did it the other way round!
I was pretty surprized by myself, and I remebmer tweeting that fact wondering what is to come next...
Half an hour later I finally took my much admired shoes for a ride - and to my surprize it didn't take even 5 minutes for one of the heels to bend (I have a proof pic on my Instagram somewhere)!

Ok, now if you want to now how that akward day ended - I got my new cluthch bag stolen in the evening.
If you want to continue reading about the shoes - please continue! :)
So I wrote to Amazon customer support asking whether they offer some warranity for the footware they're selling - and in response I was provided with the address of Dollybird official e-mail. I tried reaching the manufacturer directly twice, but with no response from their side turned back to Amazon. The next reply I got from them stated that the replacement pair is on it's way, whilst the original pair has to be sent back. I had to pay for the postage myself of course, but worth mentioning here that I was reimbursed the cost afterwards. The replacement pair seemed to have a "bug" in detailing - that''s why I only wore it for the shooting and sent back too. Hope I'll get my refund for that one and finally quit buying footware online, as it's just too much of a doing.
Although it wasn't sunny anymore by the time we got out, I couldn't let these sunnies stay in the case.
One of my best purchases ever! (Love you Oasis!)
For the price of less than 20 euro, to me these look as precious as true Chanel would!
I was wearing:
  • Dress - Jovonna London, appr. 40, Eur
  • Shoes - Dollybird, appr. 60, Eur
  • Jacket - Lindex, appr. 30, Eur
  • Bag - Asos, appr. 18, Eur
  • Sunglasses - Oasis, appr. 20, Eur
  • Earrings - Accessorize, appr. 9, Eur
Total cost of the look: appr. 187, Euro



  1. Classy look:) Dress is very pretty :)

    1. Thx! I tried to make it look less classy playing around with accessories, but probably you can't do anything about white and black look.. :) It just remains classy!

  2. Nice bag
    How about following each other and looking at my blog

    1. Sure! Why not? :)
      I'll check out your blog shortly!

  3. Wow, I love the structure of that dress! The sunnies look really cute on you too.


  4. beautiful!

  5. Classy and perfect!!!

    come to see my new post!

    1. I saw it: very lovely, yet weel balanced off with a chunky chain! :)

  6. Hottie :)


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