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Savvy Friday

So one day you open your closet and you see you have nothing to wear!
Got nothing to wear?! Like seriously, girl?

Think twice and instead of spending money on the shopping tour that evening, devote this time to some simple activities to "revive" your wardrobe:

The first thing to do in such situation: do the laundry! Make sure you have all your clothes washed; especially the delicate ones that require a hand- or separate wash and thus have been staying in a laundry box for a while.Next step: do the ironing! Is there a nice dress hanging uselesly on the rack just because it requires a proper ironing which you never have time for in the mornings? Spend an hour on that "sophisticated" ironing now!Third thing: mend the clothes needing it! Sew back the torn button or replace the missing bead. You shall be pleased with your household skills!Dig deeper! Tidy up the mess in your closet, especially in the accessories drawers and you might find some well hidden gem!Practicality.…

St. Valentine

Still hesitating to say "I love you"?
Or haven't found a present yet?
Here is a solution for both troubles:

(heart) printed black&white trench coat by Numph Similiar to Carolina's 

Fashionista under magnifier

Really like this caricature by Gatis Sluka! (it says: credit) Classic situation in every fashionista's life :)

Paul & Joe's Midsummer Night

Tempted by the Chic&Cheerful's reviewI pampered myself with another beauty purchase today. I thought it was a good chance to try some "luxury" cosmetic brand I usually cannot afford, as several Paul & Joe products were on sale at Asos.

Enchanted with this campaign image, sweet packaging and my own fantasy about the Midsummer Night (collection name), I purchased the nail laquer and the lip gloss seen in the picture below.

Considering this was more than 50% saving and these should be just right for spring/summer season - not bad at all... Pity I have to wait for two weeks now before I am actually able to lay my hands on these...

ASOS order summary

Here's a preview of my recent order from Asos; expected to arrive by the end of next week!

Will update you later on whether something has passed my "quality check" and stayed ;)

"Because I'm worth it!"

Although this morning I got up 2 hours befor the planned departure, I did miss my bus in the usual manner anyway... I was ready to start crying because of my bad luck and miserable life, but in the end managed to persuade myself to calm down and think positively.

That's how I got the idea to spend 15 mins before the next bus arrives in Drogas store and finally buy that L'oreal Color Riche lipstick I'd been thinking of for a while... Not that I needed a lipstick; but there were severals facts taken into consideration:
when was the last time I bought a lip-stick (not -gloss)?.. I bet it was more than 10 years ago, when I had some (awful) mother-of-pearl lipstick from Dzintars, which I was using as an eyeshadow as well :) Since then I was totally into glosses.lipsticks are just so "in" now!I ran out of my lip balm, so needed some kind of moisturizer anyway,the main thing of course was that L'oreal's ethernal motto cosmetic bag, coming along with every Color Ri…

Mari tote

No wonder this cutie has become Accessorize bestselling bag!
My heart skipped a bit when we first met in September'12; "Mari" was jade green back then...

This season it is available in 9 different trendy colours. You just need to choose one... or do you? ;)

Red rose ring

Pampered myself with this romantic red rose ring from Accessorize yesterday.
I mean St. Valentine day is coming and I am just soo in love with myself ;)
Available online for 4,90 Eur.

Ah yes and there was another ring... Same design, but in pale rose shade... Discounted to 1,70 Eur... Try to guess the end of this story ;)

Flowers on my mind

This lilac floral skirt by Guess Marciano caught my attention in January Vogue. Perfect officewear for spring! Buy one here

Meanwhile I ordered this floral pencil skirt by Rare... not that similar, but you ger the idea, right? :)

Update: this floral skirt is the first piece by Rare London that I've ever hold in my hands and I have to admit I was impressed by it's overall good quality!

Grab yourself one here, while it is currently on sale for 33 Eur.