10 December 2015

Rouge Coco

In the life of each big girl there comes a moment she definetely needs something "Chanel"...
If not a "boy", then at least a lispick! And that better be the red one! ;)
Like Rouge Coco Shine Nr.62 "Monte-Carlo"

5 October 2015


I've been waiting for ages to memorize this awesome white shirt!
And when I almost gave up on the idea - the proper occasion popped up, as we arranged for a bachelorette party in the countryside! :)

10 February 2015

A little party never killed nobody!

All girls love to dress up and play, especially the ones who used to dream of becoming an actress!
At the time of my childhood there was no such occupation as "fashion blogger", and while modeling was "hot", yet boring; imagining yourself an actress was the only way to life full of impersonations (and, yes, magnificent clothes!)
Though I never succeeded as one, that passion for changing costumes is still alive inside of me and makes my heart skip a bit every time I am invited to a themed party!

Highway to Hell

9 February 2015


Just stumbled upon this adorable photo, where my mom and I are dressed in the same style! <3
Navy shade has never failed to enhance our beauty... neither did the pearls ;)

14 January 2015

Powder Dress

I chose this Esprit powder dress to be a key basic of my workwear.
Combined of a different textures, it looks neat and vibrant thanks to the jaquard skirt.
Accessorized it with the elastic belt to hide the junction and emphasize the waistline.