26 April 2013

To horse!

photo by Alexandr Prohorov from my last trip (to Morocco), where we celebrated my BF's birthday. I am dressed in what I call "outdoor glamour" style! :D
It has almost become a tradition for me to go on a holiday at the end of April. 1st of May is a bank holiday in Latvia, whilst 4th of May is another local bank holiday and my birthday as well :) Thus it is a good opprotunity to use the extra holidays for a BD celebration runaway.

So tonight I am leaving to... Georgia, where I am going to eat grilled meat, drink wine and do a lot of hiking! :)

The "bad thing" about this trip is that considering our "backpacking travel mode" I won't be able to blog. But I promise I will do my best to catch up as soon as I am back! :)

Right now I am throwing things at the couch trying to figure out how much dresses I actually need for this trip and whether taking 2 swimming suits (I am not sure if I'll have the opprotunity to use even one, but just in case) will not prevent my bag from closing! :) All the usual last-minute packing stuff, you know...

With this I wish you all a joyful spring and a great trip to myself! Will be back in the middle of May!

24 April 2013

Lace up sandals

You are not going to believe this! Yet it is the ultimate truth!
I saw trese lace up suede sandals by Emilio Pucci (as seen on Khloe Kardashian) in a "thrift shop down the road" few days ago... Priced 40 !
Gosh... What a lucky strike for some smaller feet'ed girl! :)

22 April 2013

Outdoor theme

I love to dress up and show off, that's for sure!
But as my blog motto states, my life is not limited to the wardrobe.
I am interested in the vast range of activities, some of which imply dirt, mud, sweat, and physical effort... For example, visiting my parents in the countryside! :)

Between the forest and fields they have a small house there with a garden and two dogs, and very few people to see you. There I do not quite care how I look; I just enjoy this small escape from civilization and wear something old and mismatching, yet comfy and practical.

19 April 2013

New in: colourblock dress

pictures from
I received this structured dress (in nude shade) just this morning, but I am delighted with it and know exactly what to style it with.

It is a product of a danish brand Vila. I am familiar with this brand for a couple of years already and I kinda trust it. Their designs are usually catching and the prices are moderate. The quality might be a little bit on the poor side (like in this particular dress the seams are not even and the black lines aren't joint carefully), but all in all "good value for money" (I paid €36.76 instead of original RRP €59.09).

This dress consists of panels in two different colours and sophisticated knit structures (which can't be seen from the picture). It is made of a cotton blend, has no lining (consider it a s/s dress) and fits properly (size S = uk 10). Perfect length and "shoulder coverage" for the office! Plus, the description on Asos claimed the fabric to be "bobble resistant" ;)
Small sizes sold out, larger ones are still available here!

18 April 2013

Emily and Fin

pictures from
I am passionate about retro-chic. I love full skirts. And I like the vintage touch.

That's why I became so excited when I saw these feminine dresses by Emily & Fin discounted at ASOS.
In fact there were even more pretty styles, but I went for fruits: strawberries & oranges ;)

Originally priced€76 and €65, they were about 30% less, which seemed an attractive price.

When I unpacked the parcel, I had double feelings about them though.
They fit properly and are well made (I mean the seams & fastenings), but the material is dim (not so bright as on the pictures) and looks pretty cheap... which on the other hand may mean "authentic" :)

So my verdict is: if you want something "new but vintage" - this brand definetly has to be considered! One will never believe it is not the dress you inherited from your mom! :)

But as I was originally looking for something more "Moschino-like", I am not going to keep those.

Neon accents

Whilst wearing neon pieces head-to-toes may feel (and look) odd, adding some neon accent to a modest outfit is a must this season!

So here are my yellow neon accessories:
- the T-strap heels by Suecomma Bonnie (again!)
- the silky top trimmed with a contrast ribbon, plastic beads and crystals by Lindex
- ribbon hair pin by Seppälä

17 April 2013

Head over flowers

Yet another pair of shoes!
This time - cream rubber sandals topped with coral daisies!
An alternative to the flip flops I can't live without during summer.
Great for carrying around in your bag in case you decide to escape to the beach after work... (yes, living on the seacoast is awesome!)

16 April 2013

Studs rock!

As I already warned you in my twitter, during the weekend I actually managed to do some "still life" shots for my "new in" stuff ;)
You've already seen the cool sandals. Now it is time to take a look at my new super-sexy shoes!

15 April 2013

Pastel colours: take 'em all!

Maxi skirts have been in for several summers, but it was only a week ago when I finally picked one for myself...
It is a pleated chiffon full length skirt by Mina, sewn from 3 different pastel colour panels - a great choice for those, who can't make their mind which pastel colour they prefer ;)
I purchased it from Asos for €46 (insted of €78) and it seems to be a good value for money.
My usual size was out of stock, so I took the risk and went for a bigger one; I am glad I did, as the elastic at waist is pretty tight.

Say "yes" to obsession!

Welcome my new sandals!

These classical middle heels feature a carved T-strap, snakeskin effect leather and a neon yellow finish. These are all leather and are suprisingly light! Could you wish for more?!

Oh yes, you could also wish for an affordable price... So here comes the best part! Originally priced at £370 (as all the Suecomma Bonnie shoes), these are currently discounted to £73! ;)

12 April 2013

Caviar... on your nails!

Right now me and AChekrizheva are heavily considering this type of manicure:

Impressive, isin't it?!
The only thing what puts us off a bit is the 20 minutes waiting time...

Long hair memories

This is me two years ago; wearing long hair and Jovonna London sample dress :)

11 April 2013

"Looking for the summer..."

It has been a daaamn looong winter!... It lasted for almost half a year. And only yesterday the air finally felt warmer... Our media and socials networks are overloaded with the weather-jokes. People are desperate to get some spring and trying to speed up its arrival by all means! :)

So I decided to share some of the last summer pictures, which I accidently found on my computer:

1. On a boat trip:

2. At the open-air opera festival:

3. In the yard:

4. At Lady Gaga's concert:

5. At work (Dress code breaking day ;)

Monton summer jewellery

Bright summer jewellery from Monton for each style!
Browse their international online shop. Prices from € 5 to € 15 ;) 

10 April 2013

Shine like a star!

Right now I am so angry with myself! Why? Why given the chance to own these shiny Karen Millen courts for just £60, I was hesitating for too long and let them go?! :(

Very eye-catching yet pretty, these would make a pefect spring/summer pair which goes with everything... (especially with my Vogue sunglasses, doh!)

Still available in Australia for $ 225.


Wishlist: neon broderie anglaise dress

This happened yesterday on my way home from the gym... (now I realize how risky it is to go to a gym located in the shopping mall, ha!)... I had no time even for "window-shopping", yet somehow I popped into the Monton store and "our eyes met"... :)

It is difficult to explain the reasons you fall in love for, isin't it?... Not in this case! ;)
  • This dress has the 50's inspired cut, which is very flattering and feminine,
  • I adore broderie anglaise! It is so romantic...
  • The combination of white and lime green colours is my favourite one. The most "fresh and joyful" ever!
  • It is made of a viscose blend, which feels very delicate against your skin... especially in the heat.
Here. The only feature i dislike about it is naturally the price... :) But I'll try my best to work upon it, as I just have to have this frock for my birthday!

3 April 2013

Lindex nail varnishes

Latest news: fashionable nail laquers are now available at Lindex stores for Lvl 2,95 !

Citrus juice

Emily & Fin Oranges & Lemons Dress @ Asos
I am not quite sure, but somehow this girl in citrus printed dress reminds me of Dolce&Gabbana campaign...

Anyway, I found this "juicy" dress by an unfamiliar Emily&Fin brand at Asos for Eur 39,-  and decided to try it on.

Navy stripes

Like this Kirsten Dunst's striped look?!
I found a dress to start with ;)
Buy here for € 33 and simply add the yellow belt ;)

Club L Midi Stripe Dress @ Asos