10 July 2013

@kiseynaya's instants - 2

Hi there,

just in case you're not following me on Instagram yet (button on the right!) here's a selection of my recent snapshots!

- My looks and outfits:
Wearing my new crochet lace yoke shirt with an up-do
A preview of my funny T with a vintage skirt
Marine outfit accessories
One of my favourites: bold colourblock dress
Rocking my new denim shirt the same evening
So glad I finally found this jacket in my size!
Can't wait to wear this outfit!
A splash of watermelon juice for a "casual Friday"
Another way to wear a denim shirt: combining it with romantic maxi
- Some funny moments reportage:
I wasn't meant to be so... that was an accident!
Isin't that tiny rug sweet? :)
A bit exausted after a good workout
The view from my gym terrace
Couldn't let her pass by! Great outfit, don't you think so?
About wearing socks with sandals... :)
Trendy seller atthe central market

The sharp braid ;)
Strange stranger's legs
Out for a city walk
Latvian song festival
I want to ride my bicycle!
Swarovski bicycle. Glamorous!
On a yacht trip
And some landscapes/still lifes too:

Latvian wild orchid
Desert theme
Sunset over Daugava
The view of the National Library
Suburbs of Riga
On the beach
Peculiar sunset
Loch Ness cloud
Evening with my girls
One of Riga's parks
One of Riga's houses
Another beautiful sunset!
 I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I'm lovin this post dear! Awesome blog :) xx

    1. Thx Duygu! If you like it, I would be very happy if you followed it with Bloglovin! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Poppy! The denim coat has immediately become my favourite! :)


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