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I go sailing

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If someone ever told me white&navy isn't the combination of colors one instantly thinks of when choosing an outfit for a marine trip, I would be truly surprised! It might be a cliche, but it's a timeless elegance and it just belongs there!

So when on a sunny September Saturday I was picking the stuff for the party on a yacht, I confidently opted for the flaring white linen pants (these have been serving me for about 7 seasons already), a bodycon navy blue top with silver sequins (I remember purchasing it literally while my mom turned away), a white scarf and a blue "military" jacket. Plus the comfy bowed ballerinas on feet...

The jacket unfortunately got torn at the back while we were experiencing some ship motions; but my girls already joked that I'll probably find some creative way to kinda fix it (and I definitely will! cause it's one of my favorite pieces!.. In fact I am thinking of some Ed Hardy tattoo-style patch... ;)
I was wearing (all the old stuff):
  • Top - Reserved, appr. 7, Eur
  • Pants - Next, appr. 15, Eur
  • Scarf - Seppala, appr. 3, Eur
  • Jacket - Reserved, appr. 25, Eur
  • Shoes - unknown brand, appr. 70, Eur
  • Sunglasses - Vogue, appr. 90, Eur
Total cost of the outfit: appr. 210 Euro

All the photos by Natalija


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