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Dress story

Satin + chiffon

"Why don't you love me?"

On Saturday morning I had just about 5 minutes to get dressed for a picnic - a typical situation when it is wise to go for "less is more" :) I pulled on this simple lightweight cotton dress by Asos, which I had purchased on eBay two years ago for several pounds. At first I decided I won't be keeping it, but my mom liked it; she said it had a "Lolita" appeal...

High herbs

Meet @kiseynaya !

Even before I actually got my hands on a smartphone, I was totally sure I am going to love Instagram! And now it's prooved I was 100% right about that! :) I have always had a passion for photography, however it is a pretty time-consuming hobby if you want a nice result; and I've always been too lazy to polish my landscape shots in Photoshop... On the other hand, I did always want to capture the little daily moments that attracted my atention, which would mean having your camera at hand... Not to mention the fact how annoying might the process of getting your photos on the web be! Luckily Instagram solves several issues at a time! It allows you to be quick and creative... easily!  In fact, Instagram was a first app I immediately installed and I literally became obsessed with shoot&share'ing! :) So you're welcome to start following me @kiseynaya (also via the button on the right) for your own portion of: pretty nature still lifes interesting street life scenes my fa…

Two officewear ideas

After the rain...

After the rain... Don't you feel like rushing out to breathe in the freshest air?
This is exactly what we did on Monday evening, after watching an impressive rainshower with a double rainbow afterparty out of our window. I bet my outfit was weather-inspired: the dress stood for water&wet asphalt, the jacket and sandals resembled the rainbow, while the jewellery symbolized the iridescent raindrops...

Wild thing

Ok, there actually was a completely different post scheduled for today, but in some mysterious manner it disappeared! (to be read in a Scooby Doo voice ;) Meanwhile I'll show you my "new in" patent block sandals, which I found (surprise-surprise!) in another thrift shop recently! These looked like a "must have" footwear for this summer scoring in trends like minimalism, bold straps, colorblock and black&white (ok, cream in fact) + having a moderate heel. Yet these were slightly different from the pairs seen across the fashion blogs lately... The dress was already reviewed here. I was wearing: Dress - Warehouse, 37 euros Sandals - no brand, 23 euros TOTAL cost of the look: 60 Eur 

Ice cream dream

When my friendess AChekrizheva invited me to "climb"  the 100 m tower for some photoshooting, I thought I must put on something lightweight to play with the wind.


I have instantly fallen in love with this brand! All their garments in bright colours and trendy prints promote feminity. This would have become my favourite clothing designer, if only everything wasn't made of 100% polyester... :(  However in case you are feeling comfortable in chiffon, be sure to check their site: Note: the average dress costs about 80, Euro, but as I understand, the online shopping is only vailable for Asia region.

Lime & turquoise

On a summer day can you think of anything more refreshing than lime and water? ;)
I belive this works not only for your taste but also for your vision. That's why I naturally opted for my beloved lime top when pairing these sky blue pants (similar).

Beige business

I just got these photos from some corporate event, where I tried my best business casual :) I was wearing:
Lindex top with embellished collar (appr. 12, Eur)H&M skirt, which came for free with another purchased item! Think of a complimentory belt on top of that ;)Vintage bracelet from my mom


Underline is commonly used to emphasize the most important things. This dress helped me to literally underline my curves, which are normally not that obvious ;) I am a big fan of structuring and black trim. And I have to look decent at work. That's why I appreciate a versatile dress like this one a lot!