28 August 2013

Tasselled bikini

First of all, I am still wondering why there were so many of these attractive bikinis left on sale?!
To me a couple of bright tassels with a golden detail has always been irresistible; so I allowed the withdrawal of LVL 5.35/ EUR 7.50 from my bank card with no hesitation.
The mystery of why these pretty pieces didn't fly off the shelves revealed a bit the next weekend.
It was a hot summer day and we went for a bicycle ride to the beach.
I grabbed my brand new swimwear realizing this might be the last chance to get it tested this season...
The moment I was coming out of the sea, I saw a woman making herself comfortable about 10 meters away from our place.
Did you already guess she was wearing the same? ;)
This bikini is from the range of summer clothes Lindex produced in collaboration with designers Holly&Whit.
And though I realized it's risky to buy something sold in dozens of stores across Riga, I never thought it would be that bad!
Anyway it is a great value for money and I still have a hope I'll be wearing it abroad... or on the lonely beach of my parents' place :)
Oh yeah and I got one with orange tassels for my mom! :)
I thought how cool that would be to go to the seaside with your mom wearing almost the same bikinis?!
My mom, on the other hand, wasn't excited about the small gift at all!
She is an extraordinary woman you know, who can get "double upset": first by the fact she'd been gifted the new swimwear ("what's the matter with my old one?!") and at then by the fact it is not "what she imagined"...
Doh, seriously!? :)

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