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@kiseynaya's instants - 3

It has been a while since I last posted my Instagram stuff, but that's partialy because of my two-weeks' illness (and I didn't take much photos of my medicine, you know ;)

Anyway, below is the usual mix of my looks, landscapes, flowers, food and streetlife... Hope you enjoy and start following me!
My discreet tiger top with bold accessories

These sweet clothes make you consider having a baby... at least for a while :)
She tried too hard...
Lifeguard house
Mom's garden
Sunrise from mom's bathroom
Lillas Lavender event
New ring & new sunnies & reflection
I am working in very interesting surroundings
Had some rainy days too...
Beatiful heritage of VEF
At "Melo M" concert
Footprints in the sky
Stormy night above the sea..
..and the morning after dark
Love is... everywhere
The day of magnificent sky!
Our first long ride
Bird houses
I wanted these pants badly!
That's how you pick up some macaroones in style 
Grassy bus :)
Getting "samowar" ready
I love entering old houses and finding interesting details there
You can have a walking tour in Liepaja following these notes
Love industrial landscapes
A bus to Riga with it's famous silhouette
My favourite doll; a typical one each kid in USSR used to have :)
Honey arranged the healthiest supper
Somwhere in Riga
On the streets of Riga
My outfit for the family dinner
Three seascapes from the same evening
Chilling after cycling
The viewpoint
The swamp
My harvest of blueberries
Yet another sunrise from my mom's bathroom
Granny took us for a walk
My brother saw the angel ;)
Sunset reflection
A handmade beauty by my godmother
My grandmother has a style with no doubt!
Selfportrait wearing recent finds ;)



  1. Love all the photos! Such a great post :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

    1. Thanks! If you liked it, you are welcome to start following me on Instagram ;)


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