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The Tall Ships Races 2013 in Riga

Cheers babes!
I had no post in a week and oh how I wish that was because of some exotic vacation with no internet, not because of that nasty summer flu... Doh!
Ironically enough, the fact I have a legal excuse to stay home and "do nothing" in practice means less free time compared to my usual daily routine! Taking care of yourself, your sweetheart and your home plus answering all the lovely queries about your health ain't no joke when your powers being low! And then the doctors also remind you have to rest more...

Anyways, here is a brief report from the Tall Ships Races event, which the city of Riga hosted over the last weekend.
As you can see, on my way to the port I ran into this Fantomas' Citroen perfectly matching my new holdall.
Still wondering whether Fantomas himself had been in McDonalds round the corner
meanwhile...hmm... ;)
In honor of Friday I kept my outfit casual, throwing on my new knitwear over beloved jeans.

What a majestic view!
On the artisan market I tried on this funny hat...available in lots of different color combinations ;)
The place was extremely crowded!
Later on we sneaked onto  the deck of frigate "Shtandart", as some friend of my BF was sailing on that ship!
The frigate is the (pretty old) copy of the same named ship of tsar Peter The Great
Painted samovar in the cook-galley
Riga Port by night...
I was wearing:
  • Cardigan - Reserved, appr. 13, Eur
  • Jeans - Reserved, appr. 11, Eur
  • Bag - Centro, appr. 15, Eur
  • Shoes - Oasis, appr 35, Eur
  • Necklace - Seppala, appr. 5, Eur
  • Earrings & bracelets - no name, gifted
Total cost of the outfit: appr. 79 euro


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