24 July 2013


We're heaving such a windy rainy weather lately, that it is absolutely wonderful to recap hot & sunny "girls' day out" Sunday a week ago, when we headed over to a lavender fest. This sweet field in the middle of Latvian countryside did give us a Provance feeling for a moment. The whole place was nicely polished and there was various home-made lavender stuff for sale. We got to try lavender lemonade and lavender biscuits! :)

Plenty of photos and the story behind my outfit below ;)

22 July 2013


Finally! I was wanting to photoshoot this dress since May probably!
And as soon as I had these studded shoes delivered I knew I would wear them along!
But it wasn't until last Tuesday when we finally had a chance to take this outfit out.

Much more pictures and text as follows!

18 July 2013

Beauty philisophie

During the lack of outfit posts (all the pictures are stuck in transition between the camera and laptop, muahaha!), let me share some of the philisophic thoughts currently occupying my mind...
To the point: this particular photo of Kristina Bazan wouldn't leave me in peace since I first saw it a couple of days ago...
Picture from KAYTURE.COM
Ok, let's put it straight that Kristina looks gorgeous here as she usually does.
The story is not about her. She is just an example.

So now... just for a second try to imagine it is you in that pic!
Wearing a crinkled pouchy dress and the sandals which in my humble opinion don't look nor elegant neither flattering (even though designed by legndary Choo)... How would you look?
Well, I'll speak for myself: I would look like a mess!!!

So how the hell does she do it?! :)
I am wondering whether it is all about a perfect make-up? or a skinny body? or a well done hair?..  that makes chic even a scruffy look?
Why do we admire the Hollywood stars wearing their most unconstrained oufits & still looking like celebrities?
My mom says there is a category of girls, "who could wear a potato sack - and still look gorgeous". So which criteria defines you're in that category?
What are your thoughts? :)


15 July 2013

ASOS order review

Major sales are ongoing globally and I know it is hard to keep calm...
Tempted by the impressive reductions on Asos site, I ordered a pile of this and that recently.
Here is an overview of what arrived in a big box the other day.
Hope this adds some value, just in case you were considering any of these pieces too! :)

1. ASOS A Novel Clutch Bag

Pretty book-alike clutch in floral print with a tassel.
Looks exactly as in the pic.
Not very practical, but I think I am rather keeoing it :)
2. ASOS BLACK Leather & Canvas Tote
Leather & printed canvas bag from Asos Black collection.
Supposed to be carried around in a folded mode.
Interesting design, but totally not handy if you are using your bag for its actual purpose :)
3. ASOS Blazer In Soft Floral Print With Colour Blocking
Thin, synthetic and loosy... Not my cup of tea.
The print is exactly as pictured.
4. ASOS Bomber Jacket in Pastel Metallic
Very interesting mixture of shiny pastel tone & sporty bomber.
Looks pretty chic and great for summer!
I originally intended to wear it with a retro midi skirt below, but then realized bombers just don't suit me...
It also tends to make a make a "bubble" below the breasts...
5. ASOS Midi Skirt in Multi Spot
I love this retro polka dote midi!
The only thing that upset me - this skirt consists of four pieces and the seam in the middle is way too visible...
Apart from that the spots are lovely!
They are in fact transparent and create a flirty vibe when on the go, as the fabric is very lightweight.
Though it also requires a proper ironing, I am sure it is a keeper and will be featured on my blog soon!
6. ASOS Pencil Dress In Colour Block

Stylish colour block design, but I am wondering what shape of a body should one have in order to wear it...
According to my resumee, you have to be very tall, square-bodied and breastless, as otherwise the blue line is getting distorted...
7. ASOS Premium Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses
Probably more appropriate for a small face, these sunnies didn't fit me.
And despite the "cat eye" shape, these actually look quite childish...
8. ASOS SALON Playsuit In Floral Lace
The body of this seductive playsuit is more yellowish in the real life, which I don't like.
As well as the fact that it has a button up back... which is undeniably sexy, but meaning you'll never be able to put it on your own...
9. ASOS Sleeveless Shirt With Brushstroke Placement Print
The front is very cool, but the back is long and baggy.
If unfitted shirts are your style, go for it!
But still make sure to pick a smaller size than usually.
10. ASOS Vest With Asymmetric Placket In Geo Print
I liked the assymetry of this top and the white trimming.
It is not that sky blue in reality; it is more blue&green.
Comes bigger than expected, so had to order a smaller size.
11. Jeepers Peepers Lily Cat Eye Sunglasses
Yeah! These sunnies are sooo like the ones my granny has! :)
Although these don't look expensive (just because they're not!), these are definetely glamorous!
I am actually thinking of having this model in both white and black.
12. Warehouse Denim Colour Block Shirt
I fell for this shirt once I saw it on WhoWhatWear.
It is cool, but I am still not sure if it is not too "western"...

11 July 2013

Blue pencil

I belive I will surprize nobody by saying florals are a must this summer... just like any other summer in fact! :)
Until recently the blooming print in my wardrobe was only represented by the sunderesses, but this season the main floral piece is this light blue pencil skirt.
The reason behind: it's a perfect officewear!

I matched it with a pale yellow tank top, which was lying on the shelf for years and a light blue denim jacket, which is brand new, though it looks pretty worn out! ;)
I didn't quite like the idea of wearing blue outfit with black shoes+bag, but I didn't have much choice to be honest... however at the end I quite liked the overall result!
I accomplised the look with a black leather strap bracelet, the rose enameled watch, gold&turquoise necklace and a yellow hair clip.

10 July 2013

@kiseynaya's instants - 2

Hi there,

just in case you're not following me on Instagram yet (button on the right!) here's a selection of my recent snapshots!

- My looks and outfits:
Wearing my new crochet lace yoke shirt with an up-do
A preview of my funny T with a vintage skirt
Marine outfit accessories
One of my favourites: bold colourblock dress
Rocking my new denim shirt the same evening
So glad I finally found this jacket in my size!
Can't wait to wear this outfit!
A splash of watermelon juice for a "casual Friday"
Another way to wear a denim shirt: combining it with romantic maxi
- Some funny moments reportage:
I wasn't meant to be so... that was an accident!
Isin't that tiny rug sweet? :)
A bit exausted after a good workout
The view from my gym terrace
Couldn't let her pass by! Great outfit, don't you think so?
About wearing socks with sandals... :)
Trendy seller atthe central market

The sharp braid ;)
Strange stranger's legs
Out for a city walk
Latvian song festival
I want to ride my bicycle!
Swarovski bicycle. Glamorous!
On a yacht trip
And some landscapes/still lifes too:

Latvian wild orchid
Desert theme
Sunset over Daugava
The view of the National Library
Suburbs of Riga
On the beach
Peculiar sunset
Loch Ness cloud
Evening with my girls
One of Riga's parks
One of Riga's houses
Another beautiful sunset!
 I hope you enjoyed it!