9 September 2013

Milk & buttermilk

So it was that time of the year when all my stylish girls come together to attend yet another exibition by fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev. This time it was devoted to fashion between the 1940s and 1950s and was called "From War to Peace". But I promise I'll provide you with an overview from the exibition in a separate post. Meanwhile my OOTD:

I paired my new dress with my new scarf and then wondered what outwear and footwear to choose...
It was actually the print of the scarf that inspired the colour scheme of the look.
Althought I had always thought that combining white with buttermilk is a "no go", yet this time I gave it a try.
 I bought these leather boots at the time when "summer boots" was yet the emerging trend and this was sooo chic. Actually these were cream white back then; but later I applied some cheap shoe polish and the boots turned yellowish... Yet despite the colour these look very flattering on the legs and capture the glances.
I was wearing:
  • Dress - Seppala, appr. 10 Eur
  • Scarf - Promod, appr. 4 Eur
  • Coat - Reserved, appr. 20 Eur
  • Shoes - Alfio Raldo, appr. 60 Eur
  • Bag - no brand, appr. 150 Eur
  • Total cost of the look: appr. 245 Eur

Photos by AChekrizheva


  1. Love your dress and your scarf!!!!


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