18 July 2013

Beauty philisophie

During the lack of outfit posts (all the pictures are stuck in transition between the camera and laptop, muahaha!), let me share some of the philisophic thoughts currently occupying my mind...
To the point: this particular photo of Kristina Bazan wouldn't leave me in peace since I first saw it a couple of days ago...
Picture from KAYTURE.COM
Ok, let's put it straight that Kristina looks gorgeous here as she usually does.
The story is not about her. She is just an example.

So now... just for a second try to imagine it is you in that pic!
Wearing a crinkled pouchy dress and the sandals which in my humble opinion don't look nor elegant neither flattering (even though designed by legndary Choo)... How would you look?
Well, I'll speak for myself: I would look like a mess!!!

So how the hell does she do it?! :)
I am wondering whether it is all about a perfect make-up? or a skinny body? or a well done hair?..  that makes chic even a scruffy look?
Why do we admire the Hollywood stars wearing their most unconstrained oufits & still looking like celebrities?
My mom says there is a category of girls, "who could wear a potato sack - and still look gorgeous". So which criteria defines you're in that category?
What are your thoughts? :)



  1. I like that blue colour!

    Style Nirvana

  2. She is really very beautiful!
    Have you already seen the trailer of The Bling Ring? Come along and watch it :*
    All the best from charmin Berlin,

    Jana & Vanessa


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