11 July 2013

Blue pencil

I belive I will surprize nobody by saying florals are a must this summer... just like any other summer in fact! :)
Until recently the blooming print in my wardrobe was only represented by the sunderesses, but this season the main floral piece is this light blue pencil skirt.
The reason behind: it's a perfect officewear!

I matched it with a pale yellow tank top, which was lying on the shelf for years and a light blue denim jacket, which is brand new, though it looks pretty worn out! ;)
I didn't quite like the idea of wearing blue outfit with black shoes+bag, but I didn't have much choice to be honest... however at the end I quite liked the overall result!
I accomplised the look with a black leather strap bracelet, the rose enameled watch, gold&turquoise necklace and a yellow hair clip.
A small bonus for those who made it that far:
Next post theme: getting dressesd for the open space ;)
and the side view ;)
I was wearing:
  • Skirt - Rare, appr. 33 Eur.
  • Jacket - Reserved, appr. 17 Eur.
  • Top - no brand/trifted, appr. 4 Eur
  • Shoes - Oasis, appr. 30 Eur
  • Bag - Asos, appr. 52 Eur
  • Necklace - Nali, appr. 15 Eur
  • Bracelet - no brand/eBay, appr. 5 Eur
  • Watch - Chaika/vintage/eBay, appr. 40 Eur
  • Hair clip - Evita Peroni, appr. 2 Eur
Total cost of the look: appr. 198 Euro


  1. the light blue and yellow are so pretty and dainty! loving the outfit!!!
    come visit soon xx

  2. hey honey
    I just found your blog and I really love it!
    I find your photos very nice and your content
    it really good!! I am your new follower and I
    will be visiting you often from now on!:)
    hope you come my blog and check it!
    keep in touch!
    xoxo Vicky

    1. Dear Vicky, thanks for your sweet feedback! :)
      I'll pay you a visit! ;)

  3. wow you look so beautiful dear!
    I really like your style a lot
    Wish you a nice day and a beautiful weekend!
    Love, Mona <3

    1. Thank you Mona! <3
      I am really looking forward for the weekend to make some photoshooting! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for your kind feedback Lucie!

  5. I love the floral skirt !!


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