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Candy-floss skirt

Kiseynaya proudly presents: the pink skirt from my mother's youth!

Back in spring browsing through Versace's collection in yellow and pink shades, I suddenly remembered of this skirt, which had been hiding in mom's wardrobe!
She didn't want me to take it away, because in her opinion this was just a shabby skirt I'd rather avoid.
But sometimes it is better not to listen to your mom when it comes to clothing ;)
The skirt was in great condition and only the old fashioned zip could betray its true age.
Besides the cool baby pink shade it is also of a trendy below-the-knee length!

I literally just couldn't wait for hot summertime to come and give me an opportunity to put it on.
Originally I paired it with white atlas top and white sandals with yellow neon accents, but later on I also liked the idea of making it pink&blue.
So for the chilly evening I chose this sweet navy top I purchased couple of years ago from Mango. To make it even more "The Stepford Wives"-like, I added a vivid ponytail, a small silk scarf, classy nude shoes and a long strap bag.
Seriously, I have no clue why am I such a sucker for vintage clothing lately?!
But I suspect this might have something to do with that "Bloglovin" addiction... never before had I such a strong desire to find something unique and unusual than nowadays, when I am totally into the fashion community.
Probably that's "the other side" of constantly following the trends and copying each other's looks.
I am in constant search for something which is not so easy to get as a Zara's skort ;)
And vintage is such a great deal here for it's distinctive design meets (very) affordable price.
And if you're digging your mom's closet and come across some gem there - then there is simply no excuse not to use this advantage!

This outfit is definitely an absolute record of mine in terms of amount of vintage pieces!
I mean four!
The bag has been found in a small shop in Brussels, where we popped in to get ourselves warmer during a freezing walk and left with lots of everything.
Whereas the shoes come from some shop in Riga. These were very cheap and barely worn. I bought those for the office, as these go absolutely with every outfit and allow to change into the business-like footwear in a snap!
The fourth piece - the Chaika watch I have been wearing heavily this summer.
Love that golden bling accent on the heels!
Flirting with A.S.Pushkin

Breaking this lady-like sweetness with a washed out light blue denim jacket only.

I was wearing:
  • Skirt - vintage from my mom
  • Top - Mango, appr. 7 Eur
  • Jacket - Reserved, appr. 18 Eur
  • Bag - vintage, 5 Eur
  • Shoes - vintage, appr. 6 Eur
  • Watch - Chaika/vintage/eBay, appr. 40 Eur
  • Earrings - Accessorize, appr. 9 Eur
  • Scarf - no name, gift
Total cost of the outfit: appr. 85 Euro


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