24 July 2013


We're heaving such a windy rainy weather lately, that it is absolutely wonderful to recap hot & sunny "girls' day out" Sunday a week ago, when we headed over to a lavender fest. This sweet field in the middle of Latvian countryside did give us a Provance feeling for a moment. The whole place was nicely polished and there was various home-made lavender stuff for sale. We got to try lavender lemonade and lavender biscuits! :)

Plenty of photos and the story behind my outfit below ;)

The dress I am wearing was designed by my mother and sewn by a friend of hers out of some exclusive italian silk several years ago.
It is in lilac shade with some field flower motif - couldn't imagine a more appropriate dress for this occasion, right?
Free-falling A-line silhouette with funnel sleeves emphasizes the romance of this frock, but you have to be cautios about an "extra curve" that may come along!
Ah yeah, and it also crinkles drastically in such a heat!

It is hard to estimate the tota lcost of  the look this time, as apart from sandals (Mosquitos, thrifted for 9 Euro) I was wearing a bespoke dress, Vogue sunnies and Swarovski earrings, which all came as gifts from my parents :)


  1. Сплошное мимими! :) Особенно с великом - I'm in love! :) и платье... Шикиблеск! :)

    1. Спасибо, радость моя! :)

  2. Lovely dress and the dog is such a cutie!! ;)

    1. Thank you Lina! The dog seemed to enjoy posing! :)


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