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Pink panther

Hello there!
We're having such a great weather this week that on Tuesday evening me&my colleagues went to the beach straight from the office.

I was wearing this black&pink outfit built around the bright peplum skirt.
And although one of my friends constantly blames me for wearing pink and black together, I still belive it is a noteworthy combination.
A fresh take on black-white-red claasics!

My black satchell was also there :)
I really liked how three different shades of pink were represented by skirt, top and sunnies
Yep, this is a double-face and three-handed me :)
Should have shown you a close-up of my Hello Kitty earrings... promise to do it later on!

I am still delighted by the fact I got this top a year back!
While the jacket is a gift from my dear Milushka :)

Ok, this is a really great photo!
First of all, note the beautiful sunset over the sea! This is not a wallpaper! ;)
And afterwards pay attention to my legs - you should never put yours like this! :D
I was wearing:
  • Skirt - Oasis, 12 Eur
  • Top - Mango, appr. 13 Eur
  • Jacket - Motiivi, gift
  • Sunglasses - Vogue, appr. 100 Eur
  • Bag - Asos, 52 Eur
  • Shoes - Oasis, appr. 30 Eur
  • Earrings - Swarovski, gift
  • Watch - vintage/Chaika/eBay, appr. 35 Eur
Total cost of the look: appr. 245 Euro
What do you think of black and pink combination?



  1. Aaaww looks like such a fun time at the beach!!! I LOVE black and pink together, its one of my favorite go-to combos when I want to wear black. You look super pretty in this outfit :)

    1. Thanks Marie! :)
      I appreciate your feedback a lot!

  2. Lovely skirt!


  3. Very chic girl! Like that! And those sunglasses are simply amazing.

    I invite you to check my blog, I have a great worldwide-giveaway with 10 amazing prizes from an online store called PersunMall!! Surely you could be one of the winners if you participate, which is so simple!!
    Here is the link of the giveaway:

    1. I am glad you liked it, Paula! :)
      I'll definetely check out your giveaway!

  4. Hi! You are very beautiful! Your style is pretty amazing! I absolutely read this post ones more, because I really like it! You know I have a blog too. It is in Russian but you can translate it in your language. I will be very glad if you visit me! Lucy

    1. Hi Lucy!

      Thanks for such a sweet feedback! :)
      In case you like my blog, I'd be very happy if you followed it on Bloglovin!

      I visited your blog too and it seemed like an interesting idea!
      Btw, Russian is my mother tongue - so no issues there! ;)

  5. Nice look :) very chic!



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