3 July 2013

Denim shirt

About a week ago I felt an urgent need to get myself a denim shirt; inspired by all the fashionistas around and realizing that I actually never had one!
At first I laid my eyes upon this style by Warehouse, but on Friday as I did my traditional "pay-day sally" to the nearest shopping mall, I chose this jewelled pocket piece by Reserved.
It is a very thin cotton in a nice shade of blue with "swarovski" on the breasts (tiny bit of extra volume, yeah!)
And although my companion immediatelly begged "NOT to wear it with jeans" - I knew that's the exact way I was going to style it! ;)

I completed the look with crystal chain bracelet, Swarovski earrings, leather&patent perforated monks, long strap satchel and my beloved leather-look jacket.
There were newborn black swans in the park!

The old town of Cesis appeared to be bursting with flowerbeds

I got so impressed by this Carolina's necklace by Mango Touch that I decided to search for it on eBay; and found not only a similar necklace, but also this gunmetal bracelet.
The earrings have their own story too, but they deserve a separate chapter ;)

Under a plam tree at the Cesis Art Festival exibition
Cesis castle on the background
This is a funny family photo: these tiny people at the backgroung are my dad, grandma and mom :)

How do you like it?
What would you combine the denim shirt with?

I was wearing:
    Shirt - Reserved, appr. 13 Eur
    Jeans - Reserved, appr. 11 Eur
    Jacket - Lindex, appr. 25 Eur
    Bag - Asos, 52 Eur
    Shoes - Seppälä by Hanna Sarén, 20 Eur
    Bracelet - Mango Touch/eBay, appr. 13 Eur
    Earrings - Swarovski, gift
    Total cost of the look: appr. 135 Euro


  1. Nice! браслетики, камушки, волосы - все very sexy :) пойду и я фоточек в рубашке покажу миру :)

    1. Давай-давай, идейная вдохновительница! :P


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