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Dress story

I really hope to please you with today's post!
You might not like my look, but I bet you can't help falling in love with my beautiful city! :)
I am wearing one of my "epic pieces": Oasis sun dress, for which you do not even need the sun!
Once you put it on - you are the sunshine yourself! :)
The story of how I got it deserves a separate chapter.
So be sure to continue reading and seing more panorama pictures...

The sunglasses are genuine Christian Dior vintage.
A special gift from one really stylish lady.

The earrings are Accessorize; the only ones which are "statement" yet lightweight :)
These broke shortly after purchase a year ago, but luckily I got a replacement pair with no questions asked.

Ok, so here's how the story goes:
First of all, you need to know that this frock has a twin-sister (dresses can't be brothers, can they?) in blue/green print!
On which I had laid my eyes upon while browsing Asos two years back...
I didn't however buy it due to a quite pricey tag.
Shortly after I ran into that same dress at the local Oasis store, where I tried it on and
a) found out that my size was sold out,
b) confirmed it to be gorgeous,
c) saw that it would match my brand new heels flawlessly,
d) found my size in this particular yellow version,
e) realized the yellow one is good in it's own way,
f) couldn't decide which one should I choose.
I felt completely lost and embarassed, but was a sign from above!
The other day I saw the last piece of blueish version in my size on Asos for just £20.00!
But hold on; that not the happy end yet!
2 days later another "sign from above" came from Asos!
This yellow candy had been marked down to £22.00 pounds!
I ordered it too; have considered I could merely decide at home which one I like best, sending the other one back...
So a couple of weeks later there I was... in my room, in front of the mirror, changing for the third time, coming to a conclusion that my eyes pop-up better against the blue one and having already heard my mom's opinion that the yellow one looks "too simple"...
When suddenly my daddy peeked into the room!
"Umm, nice dress, - he said. - I like it! Well done!/Молодец! - rus."
I stayed shocked for a moment... I mean, guess how many times my dad had made me a compliment?!
Roughly counted 3 times during my whole life!!!
So you realize I simply couldn't discard a piece praised by my dad!
Final act:
Me standing happily with two twin summer frocks, calculating that I can afford to keep both, as I had paid just £42.00 for them; whereas at the local store one would have cost me LVL 43.00 - approximately £53.00 pounds.
The curtain falls.
The closer look and the story of a clutch bag here

These sweet kitten heels are actually also from Oasis.
They have served me well for almost 2 seasons, but already are so worn out, that this is my "goodbuy":
I tried them on in store, as I immediately fell for the patent bow.
However I wasn't sure about the heel, so I left empty-handed...
 Then the next morning I realized I need'em!
So I called the shop, asked the pretty surprised assisstant to put a pair in my size aside and then gave a phonecall to my boyfriend asking him nicely to bring them immediately! :)

I was wearing:
  • Dress - Oasis, appr. 30 Eur
  • Shoes - Oasis, appr. 35 Eur
  • Earrings - Accessorize, appr. 9 Eur
  • Clutch - Vero Moda, appr. 9 Eur
  • Watch - Chaika/vintage/eBay, appr. 40 Eur
  • Sunnies - Christian Dior/vintage, gift
Total cost of the outfit: appr. 123 Eur
Do you happen to have a similar funny "dress story"? :)


  1. That is such a cute dress!

    1. Thanks Bianca!
      Floral dresses can not be not cute, can they? :)

  2. love the floral dress! too cute :)

    love from San Francisco,

    1. Thanks! I believe such retro feel dress is very feminine and never really "out" :)

  3. This dress is co cute, I love the print and the quote on your banner!


    1. Thanks, I must admit I am quite proud of that quote, hihi! :)

  4. What a beautiful dress!


  5. the yellow dress compliments your shape very well. :)

    1. Thank you for the comment!
      I try to pay attention whether a piece compliments my body or not... :)

  6. Replies
    1. Glad to hear your opinion Michèle! :)

  7. You are so beautiful! You should be a model! :) I love your blog!

    Follow on bloglovin?

    1. Hehe, thx! :)
      Luckily we have fashion blogs now, where each one of us can be a model despite the height/weight/face ;)

  8. LOL :D Wonderful photos and awesome dress! :) and of course, beautiful you! ;)

    1. Thanks dear!:*
      That turned out to be quite a succesfull shot! 8)

  9. love your dress!!!! amazing! <3

    international giveaway on my blog!!

    1. Thanks! I'd also like to style it with a retro bicycle; a hat on my head of course! :)

  10. Fab dress, so cute on you!

    1. I believe that dress would make anyone look cute and girly :)

  11. That dress looks fantastic on you!

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

    1. Thanks, I am already blushing! :)


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