12 March 2013

ASOS scalloped edge satchel

I ordered this suede trimmed leather satchel from ASOS tempted by the post on InTheirCloset.

 (Sorry folks, sold out already!)
Actually it looks very nice. Adds some kind of parisian charm to the look...
I did put the shoulder strap aside though, as it looked quite silly attached to the handle...

The bag is not big; just a bit larger than A5 format... So only the basics fit in! After I put in my wallet, glasses case, cosmetic pouch, organizer, mobile phone and keys - it is full. Well, the good thing here: I simply can't carry the heavy bag I am used to ;)

Not sure how long will this bag last. The quality of ASOS garments is doubtful as always: the plating of the closures has started coming off already... But considering the price of €52 for the genuine leather, it's a pretty exquisite accessory!

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