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Ice cream dream

When my friendess AChekrizheva invited me to "climb" 
the 100 m tower for some photoshooting, I thought I must put on something lightweight to play with the wind.

Wearing this pleated maxi skirt by Mina really feels like a dream...
It is floating nicely and touches the skin delicately, cooling it down with a breath of a wind...
And it's colours remind me of an ice cream: mocha, vanilla and pistachio mixed together... :)
To increse the "flyaway" effect I paired it with a neutral tank top decorated with a satin ribbon.

Beautiful view on my hometown Riga
While we're having fun, the sasusage dog is guarding our bags :)
This sophisticated clasp bracelet was a random find on eBay.
And I bet it is one of the best investments of 3 euros I ever made.
It looks pretty vintage, although it is either River Island or Topshop.
The necklace is authentic Turkish jewellery.
You can take a closer look at it here.
I really enjoy the feeling in these photos!
Looking forward to next amazing weekend :) 
I was wearing:
  • Skirt - Mina €46
  • Top - South (purchased several years ago in a brand outlet for 5 or so)
  • Sunglasses - Vogue € 100
  • Accessories - no brand


  1. i love this skirt!!! so beautiful :-)))

    1. Thank you Sandra! I feel like a princess in it :)

  2. Beautiful outfit! I love the colours in that skirt xx

    1. Thanks Lucy! I am so glad I chose this particular skirt to be my one and only pleated maxi :)

  3. Wow, such fabulous photos! I love that skirt!! xo

    1. Thanks! :) I am glad you liked the photos!

  4. gorgeous color block dress! fabulous design!

    1. Thx! It actually is a skirt+top, but I am glad I made it look like a dress! :)

  5. The climb was def worth it. I love the colors of the skirt. Never seen turkish jewelry before where I'm from!

    1. Thank you Clarissa! :)
      The necklace was brought to me from a market in Turkey :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you dear! :)
      I am pleased!


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