3 June 2013


Underline is commonly used to emphasize the most important things.
This dress helped me to literally underline my curves, which are normally not that obvious ;)
I am a big fan of structuring and black trim.
And I have to look decent at work.
That's why I appreciate a versatile dress like this one a lot!

Paring it with black jacket and ballerinas is safe ;)
Rocking it with metal bracelets is cool!
Note how tricky these lines are! Creating the illusory effect of a thinner waist ;)
I was wearing:
  • Vila dress (appr. €38)
  • Lindex jacket (appr. €23)
  • Oasis ballerinas (appr. €31)
  • Lindex black/metal bracelets (appr. €7 and €10)
  • Silver jewellery - no brand; gifts

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