18 June 2013

Two officewear ideas

The reason for looking so formal and on the go is that me and AChekrizheva shot this outfit during a tiny slot of "free time" she had between the work and gym.
I actually came straight out of the office too, so I hope you'll enjoy this "workwear" idea ;)

 I digged this skirt by River Island out of my mom's closet and thought it looks pretty "in" due to it's vivid print.
Mommy brought it to me about 5 years ago from some outlet and there it was lying in a bag until recently...
 I immediately knew I would be pairing it with some contrasting colour like orange and golden tone accessories.
So I came up with this bright coral Zara top I bought two years ago in Stockholm and the Nali necklace I already showed you before.

 It turned out to be pretty chilly outside, so I quickly grabbed this H&M jacket (the one the beige skirt was coming for free with), not being sure how it matches the outfit... But at the end I was quite satisfied with the look!
My "office bun" decorated with Evita Peroni clip
Yes, we do have picturesque surroundings! ;)
I hope you'll be seing more of our office yard later on...
The "backend" view

My favourite pair of glasses ever!

And here comes a little experiment!
For a less classy look I dared to put on this relaxed checked shirt (a present of AChekrizheva in fact ;)
Yet I still sticked to a pop of contrast colour in a mode of this skinny belt
Tell me what you think of these combinations and which look you prefer better!


  1. I like the first look the most, it brings out the pattern in the skirt :)

    1. Thanks Jessica!
      I totally agree with you! :)

  2. Great post!! Love the second look!!

    1. Thanks Olga! I am glad my little experiment got some recognition from the audience as well! :)
      Although it is not quite my style, but I liked it for a change.

  3. Great post! :) AMAZING skirt.

    1. Thanks! :)
      That just illustrates, that sometimes it is worth to go "shopping" to your own closet! :)

  4. what a fab outfit! girl you look stunning! totally my kinda style

    1. Thank you for a sweet comment!
      I appreciate it a lot! :)


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