14 June 2013

After the rain...

After the rain... Don't you feel like rushing out to breathe in the freshest air?
This is exactly what we did on Monday evening, after watching an impressive rainshower with a double rainbow afterparty out of our window.
I bet my outfit was weather-inspired: the dress stood for water&wet asphalt, the jacket and sandals resembled the rainbow, while the jewellery symbolized the iridescent raindrops...

I took my new mustard shade suede sandals for a "test walk" :)
Purchased them from a thrift shop down the road the other day for a bit less than 6 euros.
And afterwards got to know they are spanish brand Mosquito, originally quite pricy... Bargain!


Funny composition with the rubbish bins by my talented photographer :)

I was wearing:
  • Dress - A|Wear, 27 Eur
  • Jacket - vintage from my grandma
  • Sandals - Mosquitos, 9 Eur
  • Bracelet - Mango, 6 Eur
  • Ring&earrings - vintage gift
TOTAL cost of the look: 42 Eur.


  1. I love this dress. It looks great on you :)
    Great blog love!

    1. Thanks Vilda! I appreciate your feedback :)

  2. ПиНджачек - зачетный! :)

    1. Уже неоднократно засвеченый ;)


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