21 June 2013

High herbs

The story behind this photoshoot is that I accidently found this gorgeous Lipsy dress on eBay a couple of months ago.
I wasn't looking for anything like this, but the 100% handpainted silk stole my heart at a first glance.
I happily paid around 15, Euro for it and started waiting for a chance to show it to you folks.
So when on Tuesday my mom said she'd be alone at her "villa", I packed the dress and camera and went to see her.

I definetly wanted to shoot the dress in a meadow... wearing undone hair and romantic look on my face...
But as my mom had been begging for doing my hair for quite a while, I decided to give her that pleasure and in less than 5 minutes got this retro grace updo :)
That's how instead of a romanticly undone I ended up with this rather glamorous look.
I accessorized the dress with my finest jewellery: Swarovski crystal bracelet & earrings, both of which are very special gifts to me.
And just in case you were about to tell me that poppy flower isn't needed there...
I also do think so; that a one-shoulder dress doesn't require an embellishment on the strap.
But obviously my mom's thoughts were different as she pinned it there :)
Greta, the "director's assisstant"  :)



  1. Such a lovely dress!! :)

  2. Oh wow, this dress is stunning! Love your hair too x

    1. Thanks Ruth! I appreciate your feedback!

  3. Very beautiful and summerish! :)

    1. Thx honey! You always have a nice word to tell me :)


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