15 April 2013

Pastel colours: take 'em all!

Maxi skirts have been in for several summers, but it was only a week ago when I finally picked one for myself...
It is a pleated chiffon full length skirt by Mina, sewn from 3 different pastel colour panels - a great choice for those, who can't make their mind which pastel colour they prefer ;)
I purchased it from Asos for €46 (insted of €78) and it seems to be a good value for money.
My usual size was out of stock, so I took the risk and went for a bigger one; I am glad I did, as the elastic at waist is pretty tight.

It turned out to be a bit darker compared to Asos picture, still the colours are truly appetizing: cream, mocha and mint! :)
 It is a bit challenging though to combine it with the right top... So far I've only found a black viscose tank in my wardrobe.

Here it is featuring some of my beauty products and a vintage necklace.

Sorry sweaties, no link provided, as sold out completely.


  1. Точно! эта юбка для тех, кто не может выбрать только один цвет :)

    1. Т.е. для меня :)
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