10 April 2013

Wishlist: neon broderie anglaise dress

This happened yesterday on my way home from the gym... (now I realize how risky it is to go to a gym located in the shopping mall, ha!)... I had no time even for "window-shopping", yet somehow I popped into the Monton store and "our eyes met"... :)

It is difficult to explain the reasons you fall in love for, isin't it?... Not in this case! ;)
  • This dress has the 50's inspired cut, which is very flattering and feminine,
  • I adore broderie anglaise! It is so romantic...
  • The combination of white and lime green colours is my favourite one. The most "fresh and joyful" ever!
  • It is made of a viscose blend, which feels very delicate against your skin... especially in the heat.
Here. The only feature i dislike about it is naturally the price... :) But I'll try my best to work upon it, as I just have to have this frock for my birthday!

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