22 April 2013

Outdoor theme

I love to dress up and show off, that's for sure!
But as my blog motto states, my life is not limited to the wardrobe.
I am interested in the vast range of activities, some of which imply dirt, mud, sweat, and physical effort... For example, visiting my parents in the countryside! :)

Between the forest and fields they have a small house there with a garden and two dogs, and very few people to see you. There I do not quite care how I look; I just enjoy this small escape from civilization and wear something old and mismatching, yet comfy and practical.

This was exactly how I spent my last weekend: substituting yoga mat with the raker and bodybike with the dog ;)

So no fashion stuff this time, sorry!
But take a look at these pictures: isin't it worth it?!
These cuties are the first signs of the blooming spring approaching and I just can't stop admiring them...

All the pictures are made by me and belong to me


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    1. Thx! Your feedback is much appreciated! :)

  2. This pics are so beautiful!! Hope you visit my blog!!

    1. Thanks Olga!

      I enjoyed your dashboard for top summer trends! ;)

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    1. Honey! How come you commented in English only this post? :P

  4. Lovely I love it!

    Carly's Closet

    1. I am crazy about spring flowers! :)


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