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Neon accents

Whilst wearing neon pieces head-to-toes may feel (and look) odd, adding some neon accent to a modest outfit is a must this season!

So here are my yellow neon accessories:
- the T-strap heels by Suecomma Bonnie (again!)
- the silky top trimmed with a contrast ribbon, plastic beads and crystals by Lindex
- ribbon hair pin by Seppälä

I like this pic; as if the lightnings are striking into the sandals, lol!


  1. Lovely shoes!!

    Carly's Closet

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Yulia!

      If you're interested, you could try searching for them on amazon.

  3. туфельки - загляденье! быстрей бы лето! ;)

    1. Ай, если что - поставлю за стекло и буду любоваться! :) Все равно ходить в них не очень.


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