15 April 2013

Say "yes" to obsession!

Welcome my new sandals!

These classical middle heels feature a carved T-strap, snakeskin effect leather and a neon yellow finish. These are all leather and are suprisingly light! Could you wish for more?!

Oh yes, you could also wish for an affordable price... So here comes the best part! Originally priced at £370 (as all the Suecomma Bonnie shoes), these are currently discounted to £73! ;)

Only problem is... they don't quite fit me, haha! :) May be my feet are just too wide, but these shoes are really narrow in the middle and toe part... Or may be the asian feet (it is a Korean brand originally) are just different from the european ones...

But tell me, can you resist this sytle?!

Or that box?!

Or the supplied dustbag?! :)

Neither could I. So I just said "yes" to obsession...

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