26 April 2013

To horse!

photo by Alexandr Prohorov from my last trip (to Morocco), where we celebrated my BF's birthday. I am dressed in what I call "outdoor glamour" style! :D
It has almost become a tradition for me to go on a holiday at the end of April. 1st of May is a bank holiday in Latvia, whilst 4th of May is another local bank holiday and my birthday as well :) Thus it is a good opprotunity to use the extra holidays for a BD celebration runaway.

So tonight I am leaving to... Georgia, where I am going to eat grilled meat, drink wine and do a lot of hiking! :)

The "bad thing" about this trip is that considering our "backpacking travel mode" I won't be able to blog. But I promise I will do my best to catch up as soon as I am back! :)

Right now I am throwing things at the couch trying to figure out how much dresses I actually need for this trip and whether taking 2 swimming suits (I am not sure if I'll have the opprotunity to use even one, but just in case) will not prevent my bag from closing! :) All the usual last-minute packing stuff, you know...

With this I wish you all a joyful spring and a great trip to myself! Will be back in the middle of May!


  1. Amazing!! Hope you visit my blog!!

  2. oh thats looks like lot of fun :)

    1. Sammie, it was! :)
      Especially the fact the front camel was carrying a real Christmas tree we brought with us all way down to Morocco! :)


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