18 April 2013

Emily and Fin

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I am passionate about retro-chic. I love full skirts. And I like the vintage touch.

That's why I became so excited when I saw these feminine dresses by Emily & Fin discounted at ASOS.
In fact there were even more pretty styles, but I went for fruits: strawberries & oranges ;)

Originally priced€76 and €65, they were about 30% less, which seemed an attractive price.

When I unpacked the parcel, I had double feelings about them though.
They fit properly and are well made (I mean the seams & fastenings), but the material is dim (not so bright as on the pictures) and looks pretty cheap... which on the other hand may mean "authentic" :)

So my verdict is: if you want something "new but vintage" - this brand definetly has to be considered! One will never believe it is not the dress you inherited from your mom! :)

But as I was originally looking for something more "Moschino-like", I am not going to keep those.

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