10 December 2015

Rouge Coco

In the life of each big girl there comes a moment she definetely needs something "Chanel"...
If not a "boy", then at least a lispick! And that better be the red one! ;)
Like Rouge Coco Shine Nr.62 "Monte-Carlo"

This time I got inspired by my BFF, who just couldn't get enough of her new lipstick in the sleek black&gold case.
It was actually the feeling of that glossy case in my palm that made me want to own one too!

I definetely am a tactil aesthete.

As there happened to be the "beauty days" at Stockmann, I occasionally applied for a make-up session by Chanel artist, who was asked to find me a proper lip shade.

And although I wasn't very convinced by the make-up in general, that made me believe I should go for a bright lipstick I had never worn before!
In fact, I got so attached to it, that over the next 2 weeks I bought 3 more lipsticks - all being bold reddish!

If you're still searching for your "winter lipstick" - I highly recommend trying this one.
It looks chic and feels chic!
It has a light smooth texture, yet it hydrates your lips.
As it is more like a "lipgloss lipstick", it doesn't require proper application.
...neither does it leave the passionate stains on your man ;)

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