5 October 2015


I've been waiting for ages to memorize this awesome white shirt!
And when I almost gave up on the idea - the proper occasion popped up, as we arranged for a bachelorette party in the countryside! :)

This shirt is Hanna Saren's design for Seppala brand and it is... approximately 10 years old!
I recall bying it together with my mom: it was on sale and available in plain white cotton or beige polka dot cotton/silk blend... Impossible to decide, right? Naturally, I picked both.
From there on, you can't imagine how many hard times I had trying to tie that neat bow!
It was a hassle to iron all the frills too... yet I loved that piece! :)

The jeans are quite remarkable as well: I snapped them for some ridiculous price at Lindex years ago.. and they still last! Actually, it took them appr. two years of washing to finally stop colouring all my clothes, bags, chairs and hands!.. But apart from that misdeed they are an amazaing pair! :)

And the butter soft leather gloves are a present from my mom.

I am wearing:
- Shirt | Seppala ~ 10 Eur
- Jeans | Lindex ~ 10 Eur
- Boots | Tommy Hilfiger ~ 35 Eur
- Gloves | Global ~ 25 Eur

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