10 February 2015

A little party never killed nobody!

All girls love to dress up and play, especially the ones who used to dream of becoming an actress!
At the time of my childhood there was no such occupation as "fashion blogger", and while modeling was "hot", yet boring; imagining yourself an actress was the only way to life full of impersonations (and, yes, magnificent clothes!)
Though I never succeeded as one, that passion for changing costumes is still alive inside of me and makes my heart skip a bit every time I am invited to a themed party!

The dress I am wearing here for the 30's party is a pure silk from Warehouse. 
I purchsed it on eBay some 5 years ago for some 5 pounds and have been wearing it to all kinds of "vintage" parties ever since.
 The fur is a detachable collar from my winter coat, while my clutch and shoes are the real vintage finds from the charity shops.
That 9 string pearl necklace with a mother-of-pearl flower is a typical japanese bridal jewelry and is in fact my first purchase on eBay :)
Believe it or not, but it cost 1 cent!.. whil the shipping was 15 pounds (it is heavy indeed).
Now the best part? These gloves are bridal accessory as well: these were once white and were worn by my mom to her wedding! :)

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