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Yellow skirt

I can't think of a better way to make the black outfit bright and effective than adding a yellow garment!

I purchased this 6o's yellow mini skirt from Zara in Stockholm 2 years ago for some 15 Eur and I still like it and use it as "emergency piece" :)
 A close-up of my new neon pink/yellow/orange/crystal necklace by Next
And yes, black tights might seem inapropriate for summer, but I accept them on a grey rainy day (which was the case at the time when I chose this outfit :)
My various bracelets and below the way these should be presented from my photographer's point of view ;)
Wearing all the old stuff:
  • skirt from Zara (some 15, Eur)
  • top from Vero Moda (appr. 9, Eur)
  • leather-look jacket from Lindex (about 25, Eur)
  • Asos chain bag (appr. 18, Eur)
  • Next necklace (appr. 10, Eur)
  • studded bracelet from Lindex (appr. 5, Eur)
  • leather cuff no brand, purchased from eBay (some 6, Eur)
  • Guess bracelet with a pendant (gift!)
  • Oasis ballerinas (appr. 30, Eur) 


  1. Really cute outfit! That skirt is a lovely colour xx

    1. Thank you Lucy!

      You have a lovely blog!

  2. Love your purse! It's so classic and cute :)
    -B ♡

    1. For less than 20 Eur bag it is surprisingly long-lasting too!
      I mean I even took it to the mountains with me! :)

  3. Great skirt, I love the pockets on the front. xoLili

    1. Thanks Lili!
      It is a great "value for money" skirt! ;)

  4. А фотограф точно браслет фоткал? :) Первая фотка - I'm in love! <3

    1. Фотограф утверждал, что это "лучший ракурс", как снять браслеты! :D

    2. Чего не сделаешь, чтобы снять не только браслеты :)


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