20 May 2013

"Is that your grandmas coat?"

I dropped in to see my friend AChekrizheva last week for a small chat, and as I was wearing this colourfull outfit we did a quick photoshoot right at her place!

The main piece of this outfit (which I created in 2 minutes rushing to work) was for sure the orange jacket I inherited from my grandma! I am not a big fan of a vintage clothing, but when it comes from my own grannie and looks so cool - then why not?! And it is "made in Finland" (quite unique feature nowadays, huh?)

In fact, the jacket wasn't the only vintage thing I wore. That moonlight yellow bangle bracelet is from my mom's youth :)
I was wearing:
  • Lily flower top - Reserved
  • Trousers - Monton (reviewed here)
  • Balerinas - Oasis
  • Scarf - Seppälä
  • Pink&orange bangle - H&M
  • Jacket - vintage
  • Yellow bangle - vintage
  • Earring and rings - no name
Pictures by AChekrizheva


  1. Is it really your granny's coat? Awesome! :)

  2. Мода циклична! Отличный жакет! Радует цвет!

    1. Цвет был решающим! ;)


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