17 June 2014

Floral pattern

As the Saturday family dinner implied pleasing all of my grandmother senses, I went for the safest outfit I could think of - a blue/green classy dress.
You are not going to believe this, but it took me almost a year to finally take this dress out... although the decision to buy it had been immediate!

Accessoried this ASOS dress with a flower headband (which was my mom's idea); a vintage "bamboo" bracelet from my mom's casket; my beloved Menbur clutch (which actually desrves a separate post); and metallic stilettos I'd found in a charity shop just the other day.


  1. А бабушка-то что сказала? Оценила? :) Отличный принт у платья!

    1. Не поверишь, но бабушка осталась довольна! :)


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