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Savvy Friday

So one day you open your closet and you see you have nothing to wear!
Got nothing to wear?! Like seriously, girl?

Think twice and instead of spending money on the shopping tour that evening, devote this time to some simple activities to "revive" your wardrobe:

  • The first thing to do in such situation: do the laundry! Make sure you have all your clothes washed; especially the delicate ones that require a hand- or separate wash and thus have been staying in a laundry box for a while.
  • Next step: do the ironing! Is there a nice dress hanging uselesly on the rack just because it requires a proper ironing which you never have time for in the mornings? Spend an hour on that "sophisticated" ironing now!
  • Third thing: mend the clothes needing it! Sew back the torn button or replace the missing bead. You shall be pleased with your household skills!
  • Dig deeper! Tidy up the mess in your closet, especially in the accessories drawers and you might find some well hidden gem!
  • Practicality. Think whether you need some specific accessory to wear that look. Might be the only reason you're not putting that gorgeous dress on is that it requires a strapless bra underneath... Or are you missing low-waist tights to put on that leather skirt with a cropped top?
  • Mix&match! Take a close look at your old wardrobe basics like e.g. tops and skirts. Maybe this season trends are offering great ideas for new styles' and colours' combinations, which you've never thought of before?
  • Final touch. It is not a secret that a single accessory is able to refresh the whole look. Actually the cheapest accessory I can think of is a nail polish! Go grab yourself some bright neon shade and rock it out! ;)



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