I blog for two main reasons:
  1. For myself: to preserve the memories of the outfits I once wore.
  2. For you: to inspire others to look their best.

The paradigm for "The Wardrobe is not Enough" name was the well-known Bond movie "The World is not Enough". My dear friend AChekrizheva suggested this name as it stands for both typical situations when your wardrobe (t.i. your closet) is not enough for your stuff and when your wardrobe (t.i. your clothes) is not enough for your needs ;)

On top of this, the "wardrobe is not enough" can also be interpreted as a fact that just a wardrobe (whichever meaning) is not enough for your life. Which resembles the vast variety of things I am interested in and which may appear as "off-topics" among the usual fashion stuff.

Happy reading!

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